Posted by: Tyler Mills | June 10, 2011

Abyss by Troy Denning

Abyss by Troy Denning is the third book of the Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi series and so far it has been my clear favorite. I found the plot line with Vestara and the Lost Tribe Sith very intriguing  and Denning does a fantastic job representing the kill-or-be-killed internal struggles that so clearly separates the Sith and Jedi cultures. As a character I love Vestara. She is intelligent, ambitious, and each scene from her perspective kept me on edge as she exerts just as much effort walking a political tightrope with her allies as struggling to survive on an extremely hostile jungle planet.

Luke and Ben continue their adventures by traveling to The Maw and exploring a dying space station. There are some very creepy and intense scenes as Luke uses the
Force to abandon his body and search the hidden realms of the Mind Drinkers in search of answers regarding Jacen Solo and the mysterious malady of the young Jedi Knights on Coruscant.

Conflict escalates between Daala and the Jedi Order as information leaks out that she is hiring Mandalorian commandos. The Jedi struggle to hold their own politically while simultaneously trying to keep the Galactic Alliance from arresting the sick Jedi in their care. Jag Fel asks Jaina to keep a secret from her parents which leads to something of  an estrangement between her and Han and Leia.

One thing I loved about this book is that all three seemingly unrelated plot lines finally come together and begin to have meaning. The story also becomes more interesting as the Jedi on Coruscant finally DO something instead of just  eating the garbage that Daala keeps handing them.

All things considered I really enjoyed this book. The characterization was good and Denning did a great job laying the groundwork for continued conflict in the next novel. I am excited to read it.

!Mini Spoiler Alert!

This book ends with an EXCELLENT fight scene, one that really redeems the ho-humness of the Skywalker mission thus far and reminds us why Luke Skywalker is the most amazing Jedi in the galaxy. In my opinion its worth sticking out the whole book just for this battle.

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi really takes off with Abyss by Troy Denning, I highly recommend it!


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